Business Continuity: Audit Preparation

April 28, 2020 11 AM PT | 2 PM ET Your Desk!

Auditors commonly ask for Business Continuity Plan information during audits. Are you prepared to give them the information they want?

Ensure you are prepared and confident that you can deliver the information auditors need. During this webinar, we will discuss critical BC program areas to prepare for, common questions from auditors, details on needed audit documentation, and much more!

The following agenda items will be discussed: 

  • Key Phases of BC Program Management
  • Basic Audit Principles 
  • Audit Definitions 
  • BC Audit Types
  • BC Audit Purpose and Metrics
  • Audit Scopes 
  • BC Program Maturity Levels
  • Audit Activities

About the Presenter:

Andrea Tolentino, CBRA

Principal Solutions Architect, Quantivate

Andrea is a certified business resilience auditor (CBRA) and senior-level solutions consultant at Quantivate. She actively works with customers on all steps of the business continuity process, including consulting, training, exercising, and BC maturity programs.