Preparing for a Pandemic




About the webinar:

Quantivate’s resident business continuity consultant and Certified Business Resilience Auditor, Andrea Tolentino, walks viewers through several important categories for pandemic planning. You'll get tips and recommendations for decisions surrounding personnel, policies, and plan implementation, including:

  • Understanding alert levels from external agencies
  • Assembling a pandemic team
  • Reviewing pandemic-related policies and documentation
  • Navigating the disaster declaration process
  • Maintaining and exercising your pandemic plan
  • Pandemic planning options included in Quantivate Business Continuity Software

Additional Information & Resources:

Meet the presenter:

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Andrea Tolentino | Principal Solutions Consultant, Quantivate

Andrea is a Certified Business Resilience Auditor (CBRA) and senior-level solutions consultant at Quantivate. She actively works with customers on all steps of the business continuity process, including consulting, training, exercising, and BC maturity programs.