Roundtable: GRC in Times of Crisis





About the webinar:

Organizations of all sizes are facing challenges due to COVID-19 — and GRC technology can help today and into the future. This roundtable is your chance to pull up a virtual chair and listen in on GRC technology leaders as they discuss the current state of governance, risk, and compliance management and potential post-crisis developments. Topics discussed include:

  • Initial reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • What should organizations have done prior to the pandemic?
  • What should organizations be doing or considering now?
  • How are policies and procedures changing in light of the current situation, and what are some things organizations should be reviewing?
  • What are the risks you should be looking at and planning for?
  • What is the potential regulatory outlook after the pandemic crisis ends?

Meet the panelists:

Andy Vanderhoff

Founder & CEO, Quantivate

Andy started Quantivate in 2005 after seeing firsthand the lack of robust, easy-to-use GRC software and service solutions on the market. He is actively involved in business development and the strategic direction of the company and its software solutions.

William Hord

VP of ERM Services, Quantivate

William “Bill” Hord has over 28 years of experience in executive management within the financial services industry focused in risk management, business continuity, financial software, and lending & collections.


Andrea Tolentino, CBRA

Principal Solutions Architect, Quantivate

Andrea is a certified business resilience auditor (CBRA) and senior-level solutions consultant at Quantivate. She actively works with customers on all steps of the business continuity process, including consulting, training, exercising, and BC maturity programs.

Randy Lindberg

Founder & CEO, Rivial Data Security

Randy Lindberg has 20 years of experience in information security. He is the founder and CEO of Rivial Data Security and partners with Quantivate to offer IT risk management and cybersecurity services. 


Chad Norley

SVP of Operations, Quantivate

As Quantivate’s Senior Vice President of Operations, Chad Norley is responsible for directing operations and personnel to strategically bring continuous and measurable improvements to economics, efficiency, product quality, on-time delivery, staff development, and customer satisfaction.